MEIZAI Canada’s Full-Service Process, quality control from ideation to reality.

We take personal pride in driving the project process from design to execution while always staying in constant communication with you, the client. Our attention to detail is unmatched, always being mindful of changes in design, providing material samples, and quality control assurance throughout every project.



Working collaboratively with your design team, we will organize and produce;
• Specification Review
• Material Reference
• Design Drawing
• Quantity Confirmation
• Catalogues Matrix


Proposal Submission

Once we understand the full scope of your project, we’ll give you a comprehensive proposal, individual to you, outlining costs and timelines expected for completion, delivery, and installation (if required).


Control Samples

We provide you with copies of control samples, either to match existing samples or specification descriptions of material composition and appearance. Approval and sign off of each control sample is required before moving to the next step.


SHOP Drawings

Our team of professionals will provide shop drawings according to your specifications, including dimensions and materials indicated. Approval and sign off of each shop drawing is required before moving to the next step.


Benchmark Prototypes

With the approved shop drawings and control samples, our team gets to work building a Benchmark Prototype. The prototype will be built to the exact specifications, approvals and sign offs of all benchmark prototypes are required before moving to volume production.


Volume Production

After benchmark prototype approvals, our manufacturing team begins Volume Production. Every step of production has a strict quality control process. This guarantees quality products and ensures the delivery schedule is met.


Packing & Shipping

Every item is inspected thoroughly by our experienced Quality Control team prior to shipping. Our engineers use protective packaging to ensure every element of your project will have a safe journey. We can also oversee all logistics of shipping including arriving at port, clearing customs, and delivering to the job site. Installation is available if required.



Items are delivered directly to the final destination, all the international standard documentation and custom clearance requirements provided. Installation can be provided depending on geographical location which includes distribution and a detailed quality control inspection of each item to confirm is achieved a safe delivery. If installation is required all work performed is completed by local trained skilled contractors specializing in the specific trade.

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